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This bundle is composed of three (3) product collections designed with the intent of have students well prepared for course exams and state assessments.  The collection uses these basic critical categories with each category divided into sub-standards.

The Critical Categories are these:

CC 1:  Geometric Structures  (9 Standards)

CC 2: Geometric Patterns and Representations (5 Standards)

CC 3: Dimensionality and the Geometry of Location (6 Standards)

CC 4: Congruence and the Geometry of Size (12 Standards)

CC 5: Similarity and the Geometry of Shape (4 Standards)

A list of the standards that shows how many questions are written for that standard is found in the free document called SATEC – Geometry Critical Standards-General


These product collections are described here and may be purchased separately.

Lessons and Teacher Notes $30 

The collection has 15 exemplar lessons with extensive teacher notes for each lesson.  The lessons are copy ready and have complete drawings needed for the student to learn the concepts in the lessons.


10 Practice Question Sets $15

There is a total of 125 questions divided into 2 sets of practice for each critical category.  The idea is that a first set of questions can be used to check for understanding with a second set of questions being used for assessment.


5 Sets of Benchmark Items $10

Each of the 5 Critical Categories contains questions as listed.  They are intended to enable the student and the teacher to determine if the student has mastered the content taught.  There are 96 questions in total.

Critical Category 1 – 22 Questions

Critical Category 2 – 14 Questions

Critical Category 3 – 16 Questions

Critical Category 4 – 32 Questions

Critical Category 5 – 12 Questions

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Complete Exemplars Bundle, Lessons and Teacher Notes, 10 Practice Question Sets, 5 Sets of Benchmark Items

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