Physical Science Lessons

Suggested Middle School Order of Vernier Equipment

ITA suggests that you order sufficient items for the number of lab groups you use. The normal group size is 4 students. We suggest that group sizes of 3 is better with group sizes of two being optimal. A school should select as many of each item as they feel is necessary for their situation. Schools with content areas sharing a lab will be able to use some equipment for more than one course.

Many of these probes and sensors can also be used in Anatomy and Physiology as well as in Environmental Science.

Note: You will also need Graphical Analysis Software.
Note: Schools that Subscribe to the ITA Site qualify for special pricing on each item.
Non-USA orders for Vernier products must be submitted via [email protected]

Item Order Code Price

Basic Middle School Order

Middle School Go Direct PackageGDP-MS-DX$1,118.00
• Go Direct Motion DetectorGDX-MD$124.00
• Go Direct pH SensorGDX-PH$109.00
• Go Direct Voltage ProbeGDX-VOLT$89.00
• Go Direct Temperature Probe (2)GDX-TMP$78.00
• Go Direct Color and Light SensorGDX-LC$99.00
• Go Direct Force and Acceleration SensorGDX-FOR$119.00
• Go Direct Gas Pressure SensorGDX-GP$99.00
• Go Wireless Heart Rate Sensor GW-HR$98.00
• Go Direct Conductivity ProbeGDX-CON$129.00
• Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field SensorGDX-3MG$89.00
• Go Direct Gas Pressure Sensor BulbGPS-BULB1$7.00

ITA also recommends the following:

Go Direct Charge StationGDX-CRG$89.00
Graphical Analysis Software Free DownloadSee
Graphical Analysis Pro SubscriptionSee
Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather StationDWVP$995.00
Go Direct® Weather SystemGDX-WTHR | GDX-WTVA$129.00 $158.00
KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment KitKW-AWX | KW-AWXC$174.00 $444.00
KidWind Wind Turbine HubKW-WTH3 | KW-WTH10$22.00 $69.00
KidWind Blade Pitch ProtractorKW-BPP$4.00
KidWind Blade Design ConsumablesKW-BDC$169.00
Solar Energy Exploration KitKW-SEEK$89.00
Renewable Energy with Vernier-EREV-E$52.00
Solar Energy ExplorationsMSB-SOLAR-E$22.00
FLIR ONE Pro Camera - IOsFLIRPRO-IOS$449.00
USB Digital MicroscopeBD-EDU-100$119.00
OHAUS Scout® 220 gOHS-222$592.00
OHAUS Scout® USB CableOHS-USB$150.00
Venier Thermal Analysis AppSee

Vernier Products Useful in Lessons Not Found in Vernier Lesson Texts

Go Direct® Surface Temperature SensorGDX-ST$99.00
Go Direct® Tris-Compatible Flat pHGDX-FPH$134.00
Go Direct® Optical Dissolved Oxygen ProbeGDX-ODO$369.00
Go Direct® Current ProbeGDX-CUR$99.00
Go Direct® Energy SensorGDX-NRG$98.00
Go Direct® Sensor CartGDX-CART-G-1 | GDX-CART-Y-1$199.00
Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus SpectrophotometerGDX-SVISPL$459.00
Vernier Spectrophotometer Optical FiberVSP-FIBER$79.00
Vernier Resistor BoardVES-RB$19.00

If you don't have computers in your lab, you can use the Vernier LabQuest 3 Selfcontained data collection unit. Look for a complete description on It can can also pass data from a probe or sensor to a computer. The LabQuest 3 is necessary to use BTA devices such as those below.
LabQuest 3LABQ3$399.00
Relative HumidityRH-BTA$79.00
Salinity SensorSAL-BTA$149.00
UVA SensorUVA-BTA$118.00
UVB SensorUVB-BTA$119.00