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15 Free Websites for Music Education

Browse through this great collection of technology based music sites and find something to help students grow in their capacity to use, enjoy or even write music.

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Music Tech Teacher

This site was used as an extension of my music technology and band classrooms. I taught Instrumental Music (Band and Music Technology) from 1992-2018 in the Birmingham City School System before retiring. My students learned how to read, write, compose, publish and perform their music. This site includes student projects and work, videos, photos and music compositions from my former students. The site also has music technology links, quizzes, resources and information for all music teachers interested in using technology to enhance music instruction. I hope that the site will serve as a valuable resource for teachers and students. Thank you for visiting! Ms. Karen Garrett (Retired), Music Tech Teacher

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teoria - Tutorials

Interactive website featuring exercises that support MIDI keyboards and tutorials on reading music, harmonic functions, and more.

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A Musical Glossary and Guide for Kids | Theater Seat Store

With education of important terms and vocabulary, anyone can come closer to unlocking the power of music. Study this list to get started now.

Ear Trainer (

Free Ear Training on the Net

This very simple online ear training website has lessons on intervals, chords, scales, cadences, jazz chords, note location, and perfect pitch.

Digital Resources

From teaching guides and kids’ activities to music videos and community projects, there’s a digital resource waiting for you on this comprehensive site.

PBS Music Games

This colorful and interactive page introduces young kids to musical concepts through fun games and activities, including Feel the Music, Music Maker, and Cyber Pattern Maker.

K-12 Resources For Music Educators

This website includes extensive lists of resources for music teachers in five categories, including band, choir, orchestra, classroom, and general music education.

DSO Kids | Dallas Symphony Orchestra | Meyerson Symphony Center

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has created a wonderful hub for music students, including games and activities, an orchestra seating chart, a youth concert series, and Philharmonia Fantastique: The Making of the Orchestra, a 30-minute animated film that explores the connection between creativity and technology.

The Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center Education is here to help you succeed with newly revised lesson plans and digital resources that incorporate best practices for classroom and remote learning, providing you with tools to infuse the arts across the curriculum and engage all students, wherever they may be.

SF Symphony Music Connects

This site offers fun facts, activities, and lessons that support music education at home and includes resources for teachers.

Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids – An educational outreach program of 90.9 WGUC

In addition to the fantastic activities, games, and lesson plans on this site, students can take advantage of the “Maestro of Tomorrow” program to identify outstanding and support young artists. The top prize is a $1,000 scholarship!

North Carolina Symphony

Education | North Carolina Symphony (

The North Carolina Symphony leads the most extensive music education program of any symphony orchestra. Each year, we serve more than 70,000 North Carolina students of all ages and provide training and resources for teachers in alignment with the curriculum set by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Music education has been a pillar of our mission for more than seven decades, and we are proud to build the next generation of musicians and music lovers.

MusicTheory - Exercises

Students can access free lessons, exercises, and tools covering a wide range of topics from Note Duration to Chord Construction.

Education | Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (

Teachers and parents, whether students are in the classroom or learning from home, Rock Hall EDU is full of resources and activities that use the power of rock & roll to engage students of all ages. Sign up for free and begin using our expertly designed content as supplements to existing lesson plans, inspiration for new learning units, or as extension activities keeping students rocking and learning at home.

What you'll find on Rock Hall EDU

  • Professionally developed lesson plans
  • Activities and downloadable activity sheets
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Playlists
  • Digitized primary source materials from our Library & Archives

Our resources are developed and curated by our award-winning Education team and meet national and state learning standards in a variety of subject areas, including music, social studies, STEAM, English and more.

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AAA State of Play

AAA State of Play is the trusted supplier of durable commercial playground equipment for schools, parks, day-care facilities, and churches across the country, with expertise in providing a variety of fun, safe products for kids.

Included on their site is:


The site includes, among other things, the parts of a sheet of music and what many music terms mean.

Music theory is the foundation of music, including the complex language that is interpreted to make melodious sounds. Understanding music theory involves reading music and the notations and phrases needed to write or play music. Although children need to spend time reading literature, working on math problems, and playing outside on playground equipment, a well-rounded education should also include music. Music education enhances language development and stimulates the brain to work harder, which often raises a student's IQ.