Grade 2 Lessons

We do not yet have a set of lessons designed with technology for each of grades Kinder-Grade 5. However, via Vernier Science Education, we offer an extensive collection of lessons listed by theme on the page called Kinder-Grade 5 Lesson Collection.

Suggested Elementary School Order of Vernier Equipment

SATEC suggests that you order sufficient items for the number of lab groups you use. The normal group size is 4 students. We suggest that group sizes of 3 is better with group sizes of two being optimal. A school should select as many of each item as they feel is necessary for their situation. Schools with content areas sharing a lab will be able to use some equipment for more than one course.

Note: You will also need Graphical Analysis Software.
Note: Schools that Subscribe to the SATEC Site qualify for special pricing on each item.
Non-USA orders of VERNIER products must be submitted via [email protected]


Basic Elementary School Order

If you don't have computers in your classrooms or your science room, you can use the Vernier LabQuest 3 selfcontained data collection unit. Look for a complete description on It can also pass data from a probe or sensor to a computer.

Item Order Code Price
LabQuest 3LABQ3$389.00