Chemistry Lessons

Suggested Chemistry Items to Order of Vernier Equipment

Instructional Technology Associates suggests that you order sufficient items for the number of lab groups you use. The normal group size is 4 students. We suggest that group sizes of 3 is better with group sizes of two being optimal. A school should select as many of each item as they feel is necessary for their situation. Schools with content areas sharing a lab will be able to use some equipment for more than one course.

Note: You will also need Graphical Analysis Software.
Note: Schools that Subscribe to the Instructional Technology Associates Site qualify for special pricing on each item.
Non-USA orders for Vernier products must be submitted via [email protected]

Item Order Code Price
Go Direct Advanced Chemistry PackageGDP-CHMA-SV$1286.00
This package includes these:

• GDX Gas Pressure Sensor


• GDX Voltage


• GDX Current


• GDX Drop Counter


• GDX Conductivity


• GDX pH Electrode




• GDX Spectrovis Plus


• GDX Temperature Sensor

Optical Fiber for Spectroviz PlusVSP-FIBER$79.00
Cuvette PackageCUV$24.00
GDX Wide Range Temp ProbeGDX-WRT$139.00
GDX Melt StationGDX-MLT$599.00
GDX O2 SensorMGDX-O2$209.00
GDX CO2 SensorGDX-CO2$225.00
Stir StationSTIR$149.00
GDX Radiation MonitorGDX-RAD$219.00
GDX Ethanol Vapor SensorGDX-ETOH$169.00
GDX Nitrate Ion SensorGDX-NO3$289.00
GDX Ammonium Ion SensorGDX-NH4$289.00
GDX Chloride Ion Sensor GDX-CL$289.00
GDX Calcium Ion SensorGDX-CA$289.00
GDX Potassium Ion SensorGDX-K$289.00
GDX PolarimeterGDX-POL$545.00
GDX Mini GCGDX-GC$3,599.00
GDX Force SensorGDX-FOR$119.00
Sound SensorGDX SND$98.00
Motion DetectorGDX-MD$124.00
Vernier LabQuest 3LABQ3$399.00
Grommets for CO2/O2CO2-GROM$9.00
Electrode SupportESUP$10.00
Go Direct ColorimeterGDX-COL$129.00
Food Chemistry with Vernier HSB-FOOD-E$33.00
Chemistry with VernierCWV-E$44.00
Advanced Chemistry with VernierCHEM-A-E$44.00
Investigating Chemistry through InquiryCHEM-I-E$44.00
Chemistry Investigations for AP ChemistryAPCHEM-E$44.00
Organic Chemistry with VernierCHEM O-E$44.00
Forensics with VernierFWV-E$28.00